About Us

There is something fishy about Lake Nina Restaurant at 7200 Pippin Road. And it is a tale with a moral.

The restaurant has been around for about 60 years. It is a family kind of place: placemats instead of tablecloths, friendly, informal and efficient waitresses, bright lights and TV and pinball machines in background. Not romantic, maybe; clean and frequently crowded. It's that kind of restaurant kids grow up remembering.

With a lake behind it, it is appropriate that the menu emphasize fish, served with a tasty, thick and creamy tartar sauce. One reason the taste of the sauce stands out is that the batter in which all of the fish and chicken is dipped is salt-free. It is also light and crispy.

Seafood dishes include: jack salmon, the house special, a fish log of boneless steak fish, and shrimp.

The fish log is a log of boneless cod. Even though someone who doesn't usually like fried fish might enjoy this one. It isn't greasy or heavy and, like all dinners, it comes with a choice of salad and potato. You can be virtuously healthy and pick a green salad, but the hot slaw, chopped cabbage sprinkled with bacon and covered in hot sweet and sour dressing, is worth losing a bit of virtue for. But the French fries and home fries are meaty and served in generous portions.

For those who think fish should stay in the sea and off the plate, Lake Nina offers fried chicken -- very popular here -- chicken livers, sandwiches, double deckers and chili.